On March 18, 2017, authorities in Peru have declared that the intense rains, overflowing rivers, mudslides and flooding being experienced in the country are the worst seen in two decades.  Join our staff at Su Refugio Peru to help provide food, water and temporary housing for the orphan and widow flood victims.  Click "GIVE HERE" and select "Other" and specify "Peru flood victims".



  • Rescue a child: We partner with the Paraguayan government to RESCUE girls who live in abusive situations and give them the HOPE of Christ. Girls living at Su Refugio Paraguay are provided safety, shelter, food, medical care, education and above all the TRUTH of God's love for them!

  • Feed a child:  Feed their mind, body and soul. Every weekend, 50-100 neighborhood children come to our campuses in Paraguay and Argentina to receive TRUE LIFE CHANGE by feeding their: 

    • Mind:  Each child receives tutoring and assistance with school work on-site.  

    • Body:  The children are fed a nutritious meal and are given the option to play a sport, make a craft or learn to sing.

    • Soul:  All the children are fed God's Word through Bible stories and Scripture memorization. 

  • Equip a widow or a single mom with vocational training at our Women's Center of Hope so she can learn a new skill to provide financially for her family.

  • Educate a below grade-level child:  In Paraguay, children are often kept out of school, as they live too far away from school, may not have a required birth certificate, or may have been kept home to work.  There are so many children that are below one or several grade levels.  Su Refugio Paraguay now offers a government-approved program to educate these below grade level children.  

  • Teach a child English:  Provide a scholarship for a student to attend our English Academy to learn English as a second language.  This blessing will open doors that will change their lives.

  • Build:  provide funds to construct the Su Refugio Christian School in Argentina.  The school will be the first Christian school within a 100 km in northern Argentina.

  • Send: a short-term missionary to go on a Su Refugio Ministries mission trip to show the love of God and advance His Kingdom.

  • Give: One-time donations to be used for all on-going needs at Su Refugio's locations throughout South America for beds, clothing, school supplies and other needed provisions.

Just click on the GIVING tab below to see all the ways you can bless the orphans and widows of Su Refugio.

Su Refugio Ministries is a 501c3 organization.  All giving is tax deductible.