Our committed staff.


South America

In each country we operate in, SRM seeks to enter into the distress of the women & children we serve. Only in understanding their stories, can we effectively enter into caring for them.  


Valentin Popescu  President

Jose Raul Galino Secretary & Treasurer

Rosa Arnao               Board Member

Scott Kvandal           Board Member



Pastor David Ibarra  President

Guillermo Navarro   Executive Director

Jose Aranda       Secretary & Treasurer

Mario Huber              Board Member

Scott Kvandal            Board Member



Pastor Alcides Gonzales President

Belen Sarmiento Director of Children's Home

Patricia Melgarejo Secretary & Treasurer

Analia Figueroa   Director of Development

Dr. Timothy Kunkel Board Member

Scott Kvandal           Board Member


U.S Leadership

Su Refugio Ministries US provides the support for our local partners throughout the world. 


Scott Kvandal

Dusty Davis
Director of Development 

Sandy Cole

Michelle Kvandal

Mike Devine
Board Member

Michele Kirby
Board Member

Rick Riehman
Board Member

Chris Marshall                                       Board Member