Jesus said “let the little children to come to me” and encouraged each of us to visit the orphans and widows in their afflictions. In Paraguay, with 6,500,000 souls, forty-one percent of the population is under the age of 14 years. Many of these children are living in unstable home environments or “on the street”. A central focus of Su Refugio is meeting the needs of these children and providing them a safe and loving environment, thereby demonstrating to them the love of Jesus Christ.

The Children’s Home provides a nurturing home environment for 36 children.  Once the children are brought to Su Refugio, they are provided adequate clothing, treated for any medical needs (including general medical health, dental care, and optometry).  The mental condition of each child is evaluated by a dedicated social worker and psychologist to identify and treat any mental conditions.  Each child is fed three hot nutritious meals each day.  In addition to attendance at school, the children are provided personalized tutoring so they can reach their respective education level.  Most importantly, the children are fed spiritual truth through the full time workers and pastor at Su Refugio.  Our goal is not to “warehouse” children, but to provide an environment where the children can be restored not only physically but more importantly, spiritually.   The social worker and pastor at Su Refugio are also focused on working with the families of the children, if the parents so desire, with the goal of having the children restored with their family after a period of living at Su Refugio for two to three years.  For those children, whose parents are unable to care for them, we seek to identify Christian families who desire to bring the children into their homes to become one of their family members.

Painting by Hyatt Moore   December 2009

Painting by Hyatt Moore
December 2009

Four Boys ... Three Chairs

In today’s world there is never enough: never enough time to accomplish our daily goals, never enough money to satisfy our hunger for more, and never enough words to express our feelings. For the children in Paraguay, the “never enough’s” are more basic; never enough chairs to sit on; never enough blankets to keep you warm; never enough food on the plate, never enough “I love you’s” ... never enough mothers and fathers.

There may not be enough “chairs” for every child in Paraguay today, but God has prepared a “special chair” in heaven for each of His children. Pray for the children of Paraguay; that they may come to know Him at Su Refugio.

But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14