The kvandal's story

Take a moment to read about how one man, with a heart for the Lord, and a desire to do His will, can spread and multiply and ripple through many lives across many miles and change hearts for all eternity. Here is the story of Scott Kvandal and his wife Michelle.

Scott and Michelle Kvandal

Scott and Michelle Kvandal


Being raised in a Christian family, my early life revolved around attending church activities, including Sunday school, church services, prayer meetings, et al. My mother and father had a deep love for God. My parents were quite happy in their simple lifestyle focused around what I perceived to be their religion. But, I was unhappy. My mother and father were poor, from my perspective, and I could not understand why a God they loved so much would allow them to live in poverty.

I can remember one day my mother came home with great joy because she was able to buy me two pairs of NEW pants. The problem was that these pants were ones that no one would buy and the store was practically giving them away. They were florescent orange and florescent lime-green. I can remember how proud my mother was as she was able to buy me new pants. But as I wore these pants, other children would make fun of me - they could see me from a mile away. The jokes of my friends led to embarrassment, which led to me becoming angry at my mother and father. My parents did the best they could but that was not good enough for me. Eventually, my embarrassment led to anger and rejection of their God.

At the age of 14, I decided that I was going to make a different life for myself. I established a goal for my life. By the time I was 50 years old, I would have enough money to buy whatever I wanted, to go anywhere I wanted and to not have to work anymore. I decided that I would have a family that was well taken care of and no one would make fun of my children.

I set out on that journey; I started working hard at an early age. I went off to college earning a degree in civil engineering at San Diego State University. But, that was not good enough for me. I earned a full scholarship to Stanford University where I received a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering. I was on my way. I began working in a small company and soon I was opening new offices around the world and quickly became the President of this company. Then in 1996, we sold the company to a larger firm. The day had finally arrived, after nearly 30 years -- my goal was to be accomplished. But, I had a surprise that day that I never anticipated. As soon as I received the check in my hand, I had a feeling of emptiness in my heart. I realized that my goal was not going to make me happy. After working for nearly 30 years, and then to realize it did not produce the result I wanted, resulted in depression. I had been living a life of sin that I had hid from others and, in reality, I had tried to hide from myself too. I got divorced from my beautiful and caring wife. My two wonderful children turned away from me because of my sins. I did not feel life was worth living.

One day, a young woman I had met asked me to go to a meeting that was being held in an elementary school gymnasium. I knew what this meeting was. It was "a church". I liked this woman and my business skills had taught me how to influence people. I wanted her to like me, so I said I would go. That day, something else happened that I didn't expect. As soon as I walked through the doors of the gymnasium, I felt God speaking to my heart. He said, "How are you doing Scott?" I could hide who I was and my sin from others but not from God. Since my youth, I knew who God was. I even knew He had sent His Son to die on a cross for me. But my "head knowledge" did little for me because this knowledge had never penetrated my heart and I had no relationship with His Son, Jesus. His voice penetrated my heart that day as He said, "I gave you everything you wanted: a beautiful family, money, success and I gave it all to you four years before your goal. So, how are you doing?" God knew I was miserable and was broken as a result of a sinful life. I was living a life so far away from Him, but He said, "Do you want to give me your life today?" That day, I received Jesus as my personal Savior. Not a word was spoken by or to anyone else, the silent conversation was just between Jesus Christ and myself.

That day my life began anew. I still suffer from the consequences of my sin, as I am divorced and my children have chosen not to forgive me or have a relationship with me. But, God gave me new life. That same woman who invited me to the meeting at that elementary school became my wife. Michelle and I have been able to raise Michelle’s two children in the ways of the Lord and see the fruit in their lives.

A few years later, at a men's retreat on the top of a mountain, I went off by myself and had a special time in prayer with my Lord and Savior. My salvation had already been secured, but I asked God to give me a new heart for Him. I asked Him to give me a heart that would honor Him. A few weeks later, as I was sitting in church I noticed an invitation to go on a mission trip to Argentina. I remember leaning over to my wife, Michelle, saying we need to go to Argentina. She told me if the Holy Spirit was telling me to go to Argentina, please go. But, she said the Holy Spirit was not telling her to go. I asked her if she would pray and seek God's desire for her to go or not. She committed to praying and 10 days after the terrorist's attack on the United States, Michelle and I were on a plane to Argentina not knowing what we were doing. In reality, I had only shared the gospel with one person before in my life. But, for some reason, God was sending me to go. That week we worked in the small town of Humberto, in the province of Santa Fe, Argentina. God changed our lives that week as we saw Him restoring many lives. We realized that God could actually use us to fulfill part of His great commission ... to go and make disciples of all nations.

I began going on lots of mission trips: Columbia, Paraguay, Cuba, and India. I was always wondering what God's plan was for my life. God had given me some skills in the engineering and business world, but how did God want to use those for His Kingdom purposes. I began praying and after three years of prayer, God answered those prayers while I was flying from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to my home in San Diego, CA. When I boarded the plane, God began sharing what His will was for my life. By the time I landed in San Diego, I had five detailed business/ministry plans that I believed God wanted me and my wife to complete. One of those plans was to develop a special place that He wanted to call Su Refugio after Psalm 91:1-2. It was to be a special place where children living in unstable conditions can find "REFUGE". A place where children with empty stomachs can be filled with nourishing food, their minds filled with a quality education, and their hearts filled with love. It was to be a place where the sick can receive medical care and spiritual healing. It was to be a place where women are taught skills to economically provide for their family. Most importantly, it was to be a place where His Word is taught.

The construction of Su Refugio in Paraguay began in 2008 and continues today. The Su Refugio campus, located outside of Tobati, Paraguay, currently includes a children's orphanage, a children's care center for extreme poverty children, an amphitheater, and a Center of Hope for Women with lakes and a river. The Su Refugio Christian School, located in Rafaela, Argentina has commenced with a preschool and we have a feeding center in Canente, Peru. God continues to mold my heart for His glory.


Do you know the lyrics, “looking for love in all the wrong places”? That lyric seemed to epitomize my life before I was a Christian. My unquenchable longing for love started as a young child. My parents divorced when I was 5 years old. Every year for the first 16 years of my life, I moved to a new town. I went to a new school every year.  My mom had four different husbands and my father had two wives, so I had several stepparents. I lived with different people throughout my childhood years, between my mom, dad, grandparents, and a stepsister and her family. I so desired a sense of stability and security. I knew of God, but I didn’t KNOW God. So I began to search for Him. I studied many religions but still couldn’t find a relationship with God. So I continued on my path to search for love.

I began to look for unconditional love in relationships. I got married, had children and yet was still not content.  I then got divorced. I began to attend an evangelical church, where I heard the Gospel.  What I heard sounded good in my mind, but I didn't believe it in my heart. Soon afterwards I married the man I had been dating, Scott. Six years after attending church, I went to a woman’s retreat. After hearing the first message on God's forgiveness, I told my retreat roommate that I didn't believe in my heart that God could forgive me for all my sins. Together she and I read verses in the Bible that I knew in my head and had taught the children in AWANA.  Then by the power of the Holy Spirit, at 2:00 am on March 1, 2001, I finally believed in my heart that God gave His Son, Jesus, to pay the penalty for all my sins by His death so that I could be made right with God!  As Romans 10:9-10 states, "if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.  For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved." I finally found the one true source of love, peace and contentment that had eluded me most of my life. I found what Jesus said in John 14:27, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.”

My life began to change dramatically. Six months later on 9/21/2001 (yes, ten days after 9/11), Scott and I went on our first foreign mission trip to Argentina. Since then I have had the blessing of going on countless mission trips around the world, to witness before my eyes the saving grace of God as He brings people from darkness to light. Our daughter also served as a missionary in Paraguay and our son is seeking God’s will for his career after graduating from a Christian college. My ex-husband and his wife are also now Christians. As Romans 8:28 tells us, “And we know that for those that who love God all things work together for good for those that are called according to His purposes.” Following a 20-year career in engineering marketing, God blessed me with the ability to retire and be a stay-at-home mom. This was something I had longed for since my daughter was born.  Scott and I lead short-term overseas mission trips several times each year, and I have had the honor of leading women’s discipleship conferences in Paraguay, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru and Portugal. I also serve as a Board Member and Country Helper in Paraguay for Moms in Prayer International, teaching moms to pray. Scott and I are so blessed to lead Su Refugio Ministries where we care for orphans and widows in South America. I have two favorite verses, 1 Corinthians 1:26-29 (I am amazed that God would use someone like me, but I understand it is all for His glory) and Proverbs 3:5-6 (I must not lean on my understanding, but trust God in all things).